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About Lindsay Chamberlain
Lindsay Chamberlain is an archaeologist and a forensic anthropologist. She excavates ancient sites and she is an expert in the identification and analysis of bones. Lindsay examines clues with the eye of an archaeologist and sees things that authorities miss, drawing conclusions that seem almost like magic, until she explains her deductive process.
Her stories always have both old and new crimes for Lindsay to solve --- some as old as 500 years, as in Skeleton Crew, and over 10,000 years in the upcoming Kill Site. In all the Lindsay Chamberlain books you see glimpses of the past though different kinds of windows. Sometimes, as in Skeleton Crew, the window is an ancient diary. In Dressed To Die the reader sees the past through newspaper clippings and old photographs. In Airtight Case the past is revealed through historical documents. And sometimes the window leads to a story in the past that unfolds as the archaeologists excavate. Whichever window the book takes you through, it will take you to interesting and dangerous times!
Lindsay Chamberlain
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Beverly Connor

A Rumor of Bones
Questionable Remains
Dressed To Die
Skeleton Crew
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Lindsay Chamberlain
Forensic Anthropologist
Uncannily gifted in solving very old crimes
An archaeologist makes the perfect detective because archaeologists and detectives have the same problem facing them in their jobs -- to uncover the true story, working only from biased and incomplete data that's left behind.
Kill Site
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