The Next Lindsay Chamberlain Mystery
In Progress

The Site

Lindsay is principal investigator of a Paleo-Indian mammoth kill site in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. In the course of the digging, she excavates something rather extraordinary. So extraordinary, in fact, that John West, her Native American boyfriend, tries to stop her from excavating it, and several pot hunters try to steal it. For her part, Lindsay is intensely curious about how it got there.

The Cave

Next to the mammoth kill site is a rock overhang with an underwater cave were two divers died a few years earlier. It's a dangerous cave, one that pushes all of Lindsay's fear buttons, but in the cave is a water-filled cavern littered with bones of archaeologically important mammoth and other megafauna that must be retrieved and analyzed.

The Local Investigation

Among the archaeology crew is a retired local sheriff who has heard of Lindsay's reputed ability to solve seemingly unsolvable mysteries and cold cases. He presents her with an unsolved case that has haunted him for fifteen years, a case involving the kidnap and ransom of a seventeen-year-old local girl who was well liked, well behaved, a member of the church choir and kind of all-American girl. On the Sunday following Easter fifteen years ago, she left her friends and family waiting in the parking lot, walked back into the church to get her purse, and was never seen again. There were no strangers in or around the church, no unaccounted for vehicle, no tire tracks, no footprints, seemingly no means of exit. That night the family received a call demanding one million dollars in ransom which her successful architect father paid upon threat of her death. The ransom was picked up but the girl never appeared again and the kidnappers were never apprehended.

When people start turning up murdered, is it related to the old kidnapping case, or the current attempted thefts of valuable artifacts? People are dying to discover the truth.

The Paleo-Indian Story

At this location in the time of the mammoths there was an Indian unjustly banished from his tribe. The Paleo-Indian world with its megafauna was too dangerous a place to live alone, so banishment meant death. He meets a woman from a tribe suffering severely from the dangers and uncertainties of their environment. He lives with her and her tribe for the duration of his banishment and takes them with him to his own tribe when the term of his banishment is over.

The woman comes to the new tribe as the wife of a man who left in dishonor. She is a woman not unlike Lindsay Chamberlain, a woman of intelligence, bravery, loyalty, and strength, possessing a sense of justice and the will to protect those she loves. She has studied her world and has the ability to find solutions to troubling puzzles. Will her knowledge, framed within the concepts and practices of her time, be enough to help her husband when he is accused of murder?

As in all the Lindsay Chamberlain stories, the telling of the ancient story and the solution of modern mysteries are dependent on Lindsay's deductive abilities, the application of archaeological and forensic methods, and her own determination to find the truth. In the end, the solutions of the ancient mystery, the current mystery and all subplots are intertwined in surprising ways, and the solution of each depends on the others.

Yes, I know I’m slow, but I’m still working on it.