What are the Lindsay Chamberlain Books about?


In a seemingly random event, forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain is attacked and left for dead. Buried in a shallow grave in the woods in Tennessee, she manages to escape, although she suffers from loss of memory as a result of the ordeal.

When Lindsay's memory returns, it is incomplete. She copes with the trauma by ignoring it, and she allows the local authorities to handle the investigation. As the police probe quickly comes to a dead end, the assault looms like a dark cloud over her peace of mind.

Lindsay joins excavations at an 1830s farm site on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Unlike previous digs where Lindsay has worked, this site is an unhappy one. Crew members are on edge and argue among themselves and the site director takes an instant dislike to Lindsay. The principal investigator at the site is under suspicion of murdering a local resident and stealing valuable papers from her. If that weren't enough, Lindsay and the crew are lodged in a haunted house, and even though she is the only crew member who doesn't believe in ghosts, she is the only one who sees them.

When very rare sealed lead coffins dating from the 1700s are unearthed, Lindsay becomes so excited with the discovery that she momentarily forgets her own troubles. Her relief is short-lived, for inside one of the coffins are the disturbing remains of a woman who has something frighteningly in common with Lindsay. Then when one of the crew members disappears, no one but Lindsay is worried or seems to care. If she doesn't figure out what's happening around her, she might lose her sanity, or worse, her life.

Lindsay Chamberlain, archaeologist and forensic anthropologist, is working on an archaeological dig in Georgia. The local county sheriff asks her to identify human remains found recently in shallow graves in nearby woods.

As the archaeology crew excavates, strange things begin to happen. First come the grave robbers and pot hunters. Then mysterious opposition to the dig from a shady lawyer who has been orchestrating attacks against the crew. When the lawyer is murdered and someone attempts to abduct a nine-year-old girl, Lindsay finds herself in the middle of a chain of crimes that began with a homicide sixty years ago. After the passage of so much time, it looks as if the guilty party may get away with murder - unless Lindsay can uncover the solution.

Off the coast of Georgia, archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain excavates the 1558 wreck of a Spanish galleon. The ancient artifacts reveal evidence of a murder at sea. As she discovers clues to the identity of the four-hundred-year-old murderer, she is faced with modern-day pirates and two killings that appear to be tied to the excavation. Raging seas, pirates, snakes, and a ghost galleon make this an adventure for Lindsay like no other in her life.

Some skeletons just won't stay hidden. No one knows that better than University of Georgia archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain. But even she is shocked when a skeleton dressed in its Sunday best falls out of a packing crate in her lab. The dusty crate had been stored in a kudzu-covered shed on her grandfather's farm for more than sixty years. When other crates from the shed are discovered containing stashes of valuable artifacts, Lindsay begins to wonder if her beloved grandfather, who was a prominent archaeologist and her mentor, could have been a thief, a looter -- even a murderer?

As Lindsay struggles with these troubling questions, she is asked by a local private investigator to help locate the wooded grave of Shirley Foster, a missing University of Georgia faculty member. The investigation leads to more questions than answers. Why did Shirley Foster lie to the world about her life? Who wanted her dead?

Secrets and lies loom large in Lindsay's life, both professional and personal. Artifacts disappear from the university. She and her students are threatened. With her job, her reputation, and her life on the line, Lindsay must solve these mysteries and find a thief and a killer before the police come for her.

Man's quest for gold proves as enduring as it is fatal when forensic archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain unearths a four-hundred-year-old mystery - and a modern-day murder. Vacationing in Tennessee, Lindsay studies the bones of a centuries-old corpse hiding a fascinating secret. She's also asked to look into the suspicious deaths of two adventurous cavers whose fatal foray into Hell's Slide Cave spells murder. Bones don't lie, and before long, Lindsay knows she's digging up trouble. Someone wants the case to remain closed - and the mounting threats tell her she's getting closer to the truth. As murder old and new come together in shocking ways, Lindsay finds herself digging for her life - to survive the clever trap of a killer.