One Grave Less

Best Suspense Novel of the Year
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Diane has the surprise of her life
in her ninth mystery 

Long ago, forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon served in South America at the World Accord International. Years later, haunted by the massacres a continent away, she has been trying hard to put the past behind her. Until now...Working late at her museum, Diane hears a terrified cry that leads her to an injured woman - and recognizes her as a fellow WAI staffer from her days in South America. Clutching a child's femur in her hands, she whispers, 'It was one of us...'. Now Diane is faced with some deadly questions. Why was her former colleague trying to contact her? Why did she carry a human bone? Who did she mean by 'us', and just who attacked her? More importantly, is Diane next on the list?
Book # 9


Fans of Lindsay Chamberlain will find a special surprise in this Diane Fallon adventure!