When is a new book coming out?

We have a new book out! POPLAR CREEK MURDERS. Check it out. It is a standalone by my husband and me. However, Frank Hayes makes an appearance.

Now that I’ve reissued the Lindsay Chamberlain Series, I’m devoting time to KILL SITE and am happy to say that the first draft is more than 2/3 finished. The new discoveries in what we known about Paleoindians mean more research -- but that’s one of my favorite things to do.

Charles and I are close to finishing the next Frank Hayes Mystery.It will take place near Oak Ridge, Tennessee -- the Secret City.

The Next Diane Fallon is in the beginning stages which means lots of changes in ploy everyday.

Just out today (3/7/14): DRESSED TO DIE in Nook, Kindle, and iBook. DRESSED TO DIE has been re-edited and given a bibliography.

A newly edited version of SKELETON CREW with bibliography is available for the Kindle and Nook and ibook.

A newly edited version of RUMOR OF BONES with bibliography is now available on Kindle and Nook. My new writing has slowed while I’m re-editing several of my previous books and supplying bibliographies of the research material I used in writing the mysteries!

The next Diane Fallon and Lindsay Chamberlain are in Progress. I took a writing break, got a new hip, became a cyborg, and now back writing. I have three books I am currently working on: A Diane Fallon called BLOOD EVIDENCE; A Lindsay Chamberlain Called KILL SITE; and a fantasy called SONG OF STONES.

A new edition of QUESTIONABLE REMAINS is now out in Kindle and Nook ebook formats.

A new edition of AIRTIGHT CASE is now in both Kindle and Nook ebook format AND in paperback. DEAD HUNT is now in Kindle format, other e-formats to follow.

Just finished a collaboration with my husband -- MURDER IN MACON.

Thanks for all your continued interest!!!

Beverly Connor

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